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Who we ARE

mkaarbon safari is a project development and consulting firm based in Munich area, Germany, that provides services to organizations seeking to increase their contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals imperative.

mkaarbon safari works with organisations to help them recognize and mitigate any activities that may be contributing to climate change and environmental degradation.

mkaarbon safari has extensive experience in providing services to both the public and private sectors and is eager to work with your team.




Overview of services

Finding out the amount of GHGs

Carbon and Water Footprint

We can help you determine the amount of GHGs emitted or the amount of water used for in your organization’s workflow, either holistically, or for specific activities within your workflow and supply chain.

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Mitigation and Adaptation

Mitigation and Adaptation

We can help you in driving your organization’s activities towards a sustainable and effective reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG) and sustainably supplying, purifying or conserving water.

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Carbon project management

Carbon Project Management

We will provide you the necessary support in all phases of the carbon program/project development cycle, in keeping with the globally accepted practices of carbon offsetting standards such as CDM, Gold Standard, VCS, Plan Vivo.

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Marketing or purchase/sale of carbon credits

Marketing, Purchase and Sale

We also adhere to the highest standards of marketing, purchase and sale of carbon credits, water benefit certificates and other sustainable development benefit crediting mechanisms.

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Our Team

The mkaarbon safari organization encompasses an extensive global network of talented individuals that are brought together to work on projects depending on the scope. From marketing and IT, to data analytics, engineering services, surveyors and beyond, mkaarbon safari has the resources to ensure that your project meets its goals. In addition to having on-call experts at the ready, relationships are in place with critical members of each governing body throughout the sustainability ecosystem.


Johann Thaler


Johann Thaler, founder and managing director of mkaarbon safari…

…has a decade of experience as auditor, assessment team leader and reviewer of carbon projects.

For almost three years, Johann was the Regional Manager for Africa with the Gold Standard Foundation. He was the first point of contact for all Africa-related issues and was responsible for technical reviews of African projects submitted to the Gold Standard for certification. Additionally, Johann took part in the development of the Gold Standard Rules and Procedures, developing sustainability assessment tools and tools for cookstove projects and new GS methodologies, and was involved in capacity-building activities for project developers and accredited auditors. Today, he continues with the Gold Standard Foundation as external technical expert and continuously reviews projects.  Johann is a recognized champion of the environment and has more than 10 years of practical experience in building up an agroforestry system in the Brazilian Atlantic rain forest.

Johann speaks 6 languages.



A few examples of positive feedback we receive on our services….


mkaarbon safari


  • Virunga Engineering Works


  • Heavy Duty Institutional Cook Stoves for Uganda

    mkaarbon safari’s role

  • mkaarbon safari has developed VEW’s Gold Standard institutional cookstove carbon project conducting all necessary certification activities (preparation of project documentation, local stakeholder consultation, validation on-site audit, Gold Standard review). The project is registered and will proceed to the issuance phase of credits soon.

    Max Gold - Managing Director Virunga Engineering Works, Kisoro, Uganda

  • “mkaarbon safari was instrumental in the development and registration of our carbon project. They were extremely thorough in helping us navigate the bureaucracy and paperwork. Additionally, their broad network of industry & academic contacts proved very useful time and time again. I highly recommend mkaarbon safari to other project developers looking to enter the carbon finance sector. It was a pleasure to work with mkaarbon safari. They have a unique understanding of how things work in the field!”

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